Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reality TV Comes to Branson MO Pawn Shop

A new TV series filmed in Branson MO will air on the Discovery Channel this summer. 

At least eight episodes of a new reality TV series Branson Pawn Shop--a working title for the series--are being filmed at the downtown Branson Pawn Shop. Some of the episodes have already been filmed with others scheduled for completion in March and April of this year. 

According to the website for High Noon Entertainment, the producers of the series, the show revolves around the pawn shop and the people who come in looking to make a deal. The twist for the series is that potential customers can earn more money for the items they bring in by competing against Branson Pawn Shop staff in a specialized trivia game. The shop deals in a wide variety of merchandise including jewelry, musical instruments, antiques, appliances, and memorabilia. They have been known to take in furs, cars, animals, currency, and everything in between. Says the High Noon Entertainment website, "Think of it like the History Channel's Pawn Stars with a twist."

The producers have posted a casting call for the show. Persons interested in being on the show need to be available to be in Branson at least one day between now and the end of April. Contact information is available on the High Noon website. The Branson Pawn Shop is located at the corner of Main and Commercial Streets in downtown Branson.  

High Noon Entertainment produces Tough Love on  VH1  and Cake Boss on TLC. Other Reality TV shows who have visited Branson include Hotel Impossible and House Hunters. The movie "Winter's Bone" was filmed in the area.